How to equip a bedroom

The bedroom is a resting place after a hard day, so it is so important to think over all the details of the interior. From the design of this room depends on the mood in which you will meet a new day. The harmonious atmosphere in this room plays a large role in the mental state of the spouses and their relationship to each other. Consider how to properly design a bedroom to avoid mistakes when choosing a design solution.

Choose a bedroom style

If the apartment is small, then you should listen to the professionals who advise you to design all the rooms in one style. This helps not only to perceive the space as a whole, but also visually expands the room. It is important to choose a design in which it will be easy to receive guests, relax and do housework.If the area of the room is significant, then the design can be any. If the work is boring, the business environment is in the minimalist style, then you can apply youth themes in the bedroom, for example, order a large poster on the wall, or decorate the room with bright textiles.

How to choose a bed in the bedroom

The bed is the center of the bedroom and the arrangement of the rest of the interior depends on its location. It is advisable to set the bed in such a way that it can be approached from both sides and when you wake up, your gaze immediately stops at something pleasant. If we talk about size, then the parameters of the matrimonial bed should be optimal so that the spouses do not interfere with each other during sleep. Many experts advise buying high beds - it is believed that sleeping on them is much more comfortable.The best option is to install a classic style bed with a beautiful carved or soft headboard - it looks original and very stylish. Classic is always relevant. The high headboard upholstered in fabric allows you to lean on it while reading without placing a pillow under your back. In this case, you do not need to think about decorating the wall above the bed; a beautifully designed back will be enough.The backs are low, then the surface above the bed can be decorated with posters, paintings or photographs, a decorative mirror in a beautiful frame or unusual wall clocks.

IMPORTANT! If you decide to decorate the wall above the bed with paintings and posters, then their color palette should overlap with the shades of the bedspread and bed linen.


Wall Design Options

In the bedroom, it is desirable to arrange color accents. Professionals advise to color the wall opposite the bed or behind the headboard - it all depends on the layout of the room. You can apply beautiful wallpaper with a large pattern in bright colors, or highlight the space of a panel with a 3D image. But 2 walls are glued at most, on the other planes monophonic canvases are used.Even if you really like bright shades, you need to use them in the bedroom with care - the atmosphere in the room should be conducive to relaxation, relaxation and rest, and not irritate the nervous system.

Determined with lighting

In order not to feel discomfort in the bedroom, do not hang a large hanging chandelier above the bed. It is also worth considering the fact that if there is only an overhead light in the rest room, you cannot achieve complete comfort. For a romantic and intimate atmosphere, you need to hang several sconces on the walls, put beautiful floor lamps on both sides of the bed or nightlights on bedside tables.

ATTENTION! Designers advise installing a soaring suspended or suspended ceiling in the bedroom with delicate backlighting from LED strip and spotlights around the perimeter.

How to choose furniture

Bedside tables can be from any collection, not necessarily in the same style with a berth. The only requirement is that they should be the same height and preferably just above the bed. To create comfort on a table, chest of drawers and bedside tables, various decor items are installed, for example:

  1. small pots with indoor plants;
  2. tall vases with dried flowers, decorated with shells and colored pebbles;
  3. aroma candles, figurines, beautiful frames with photos;
  4. wicker caskets or baskets and so on.

ATTENTION! If the bedroom is large, then you can install massive furniture in dark colors, which will visually make the room smaller and more comfortable. In small rooms it is better to limit yourself to a minimum: a bed, bedside tables, a chest of drawers and a dressing table.